In 2018, when I ventured out to start this podcast, I set out to simply show off Gainesville. Monetizing the podcast is something that never even entered my mind. It was going to be my way of giving back to the community and I was going to leave it at that. As the podcast has grown and evolved, more and more people started reaching out to me about sponsorships. They kept telling me, “Collin, you have the attention of a unique Gainesville (primarily) business audience and A LOT of attention from the decision makers in town, this is valuable to me and I would love to sponsor.” At the same time, I had guests like CEO Tim Broom of Inc. 500 company ITPro.TV telling me “Never be afraid to monetize your passion.” And of course, the ever increasing cost of actually producing the podcast has made me realize, that it is MY responsibility to ensure that the podcast lives on. We WILL run out of money and won’t be able to make this dream continue without support. As of 2019, each episode costs over $600 to make and this excludes my time and my co-host, Mike’s, time. The $600+ goes to filming and production of the episode and other micro-content we produce, the writing of the bios and blogs featured on the website and elsewhere, and promotion of the content on social media platforms. If you bring in the time/labor of the Repaint The Wall (parent company) team to plan, schedule, and release the content, the cost is even higher.

YOUR SPONSORSHIP will help us cover some of these costs. If you are interested in a possible sponsorship, please reach out to our host, Collin Austin, directly using the form here, at collin@repaintthewall.com or via Instagram at @collinaustin for more information.

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