Who's Ahead: This Week's Guest: Less Than Jake's Vinnie Fiorello

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               Visit their  Website  to learn more!

               Visit their Website to learn more!


"Playing music is about moments. A collection of great moments defines an amazing record. An avalanche of powerful moments tumbles into an engaging live show. The moment when band and fan become one and the same, the moment of interaction, is the type of moment that lasts forever." -From the "Less Than Jake" Website
One of the most famous bands to come out go Gainesville, Less Than Jake, has focused on how they can use their music to give the best experience to their audience members. The connection that they achieve with their fans is one of the many reasons the band has taken off, that and their out-of-the-box artwork they make for their fans like a custom-made cereal box and limited-edition vinyl packaging. Vinnie Fiorello, is the band's drummer and helps with the lyrics to the bands many-popular songs. 

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