Episode 75: Isaac Hetzroni of Imprint Genius

Between studying for his midterms, going to business meetings, and maintaining his social life, it’s a wonder that Isaac Hetzroni can juggle it all.

As a sophomore at UF, Isaac founded Imprint Genius, a local business specializing in custom apparel and promotional items. As a senior, he’s ready to complete his education in finance and devote all his energy to growing his business and his brand. 

Isaac has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He started out selling a couple of cell phone fans at frat parties and football games, and when he saw how lucrative that could be, he knew he had to get in business. While his days of hustling fans at parties and football games are over, Isaac is kept plenty busy by his school and work schedule.

Because most of his onsite employees are also college students, he has to pick up the slack around exam season. Problem is, he has exams too. Even so, he loves being a business owner.

Founder of Imprint Genius

“Start when you’re a student. Start as young as possible. Worst case you fail and you’re another broke college kid,” he said. 

The Imprint Genius team in their office space in the UF Innovation Hub.

The Imprint Genius team in their office space in the UF Innovation Hub.

Though it’s been stressful, Isaac wouldn’t change a thing. He created Imprint Genius to give some value to the world of promotional items. He saw that the average promotional items like pens and stress balls just weren’t cutting it anymore, so he found a solution.

He went from selling fans to founding a company because he knew he could improve the industry as a whole.

“The best ideas don’t always come from you brainstorming. It’s the constant adaptation.”