Episode 68: Wade Swikle of 2 College Brothers Moving

Wade Swikle used to hate moving. Having parents who moved around a lot, he was constantly lugging boxes and furniture around, and he despised every minute of it.



Though he never intended on starting his own moving company, he later realized that he could turn this summer job into a career, and since then has grown 2 College Brothers into a well-recognized brand with visions of expanding nationwide.

Now Wade is the President and CEO of 2 College Brothers Moving Company.

Now Wade is the President and CEO of 2 College Brothers Moving Company.

During the summer of 2009, Wade found himself bored and unemployed in his hometown. He applied to part-time summer jobs everywhere but wasn’t getting any feedback. In a last-ditch effort to make some money during his summer at home, he started posting ads on Craigslist for odd jobs. He spent most of his summer mowing lawns and unloading U-hauls. Once he came back to UF in the fall, he knew he could turn his summer job into a real business. 

In 2012 Wade founded Smarter Moving Solutions through UF’s entrepreneurship master’s program. His biggest competition? 2 College Brothers. This company developed the brand, the culture and the concept Wade was trying his best to attain. He saw 2 College Brothers and realized just how extensive and profitable this industry could be.

“[2 College Brothers] opened my eyes to see what the possibilities were with this business,” Wade said.

2 College Brothers WHOA

After two summers of being in direct competition with 2 College Brothers, Wade got a call from the owners asking if he’d be interested in buying the business. He didn’t know anything about buying a brand, but the idea of buying out his biggest competitor was too sweet to pass up.

“I didn't have the money, but if there's one thing my entrepreneurship program taught me, [money’s] the least of your concerns. The money is always there, you just gotta know how to find it,” he told Collin. 

Since buying 2 College Brothers he’s immersed himself in this industry, expanding the brand to a Tampa location and starting a podcast specifically for moving companies. He sees a franchise model in the future and has plans to take the brand nationwide!

If you want to check him out, visit his website or check him out on Facebook or Instagram.