Episode 66: Coach Enoch Nadler of Team Florida Track Club

Before this week’s 7:30 a.m. podcast recording, Coach Enoch Nadler went on a casual nine-mile morning run.

Being a runner his whole life, Coach Enoch wanted to create a community of runners in Gainesville and nationwide that share his passion. After graduating from UF, playing professional poker and traveling the world, he and his wife Angela settled down in Gainesville where he partnered with Florida Track Club to found Team Florida Track Club.

“This is the community where I started running. I started with the Florida Track Club almost 20 years ago,” he said.”It seemed like a good place and a place that we wanted to be long term.”

Through his website he’s able to give advice and plan training schedule for runners all over the country. Locally, Coach Enoch has a team of runners who share a common love for the sport. There are no prerequisites and no judgements. His ultimate goal is to create a community of runners that support and challenge each other.

“It doesn’t matter how fast you’re running, how much experience you have, things like that. We all train together, which I think is pretty cool and pretty unique and it’s definitely what’s made us successful.”

Running a marathon is all about setting goals, working through discomfort, and knowing your limits, not unlike running a business. Collin and Lindsay could definitely relate and were amazed at his ability to maintain cool-headed and rational even under the intense pressure of competition. If you want to find out more visit http://teamfloridatrackclub.com and follow Team Florida Track Club on Instagram @team_ftc or Facebook.