Episode 72: Joe & Joyce Reices of The Tee Shop

The Tee Shop

In 2014 Joe and Joyce Reices started printing t-shirts out of their two-bedroom apartment. Since then they’ve been working to build up The Tee Shop brand. With unique designs, high-quality products, and the fastest turnaround times in Gainesville, Joe and Joyce have really differentiated themselves in a saturated market. 

After Joe had worked for multiple print shops, the couple eventually decided they needed to take the leap into entrepreneurship together. Being spouses and business partners presents a unique challenge for them, but they’ve truly embraced it.

“I actually think about it, there's no one I would rather work with as much because I know at the end of the day he has my best interests at heart, and he’s looking out for me [and] I’m looking out for him,” Joyce explained to Collin.

Screen printing

Whatever ups and downs this business may present, Joe and Joyce handle it together. With their first priority being customer service, Joe quickly realized that owning a business doesn’t mean getting to do whatever you want whenever you want.

“When we first started... I wanted to be my own boss, but you realize that your customers are your boss,” Joe laughed.

The Tee Shop has grown like crazy over the past two years, printing more shirts than Joe and Joyce can count. Surrounded by tens of thousands of t-shirts, a baby, and the supportive Gainesville community, The Tee Shop will only continue to grow!

If you want to check them out, visit their website Tee Shop or you can find them on Twitter and Instagram.