Episode 73: Jameel Mohammed of The MeelyPops Shop

If you haven’t noticed, 90s trends are coming back in a big way. From Furbies to fanny packs, this nostalgic era has made a complete resurgence, and Jameel Mohammed couldn’t be more excited.

As a child of the 90s and avid collector, Jameel started buying and selling trading cards on eBay for some side cash under the screen name Meelypops Shop, but what started out as an online handle has grown into a full-fledged business.

The Meelypops Shop brick-and-mortar store opened a little over a year ago and specializes in selling trading cards, memorabilia, autographs, and other collectibles. He has items valued from 50 cents to $20,000, ensuring that the joy of collecting is accessible to anyone. 

“I think that collecting just taps into something innate in people, and they love it,” Jameel told our hosts.

Jameel Mohammed

To Jameel, authenticity is everything (and no, we’re not just talking about the cards). As a business owner, he strives to be his most authentic self and never lose sight of his values. Creating a sense of nostalgia and putting smiles on people’s faces is really what he’s set out to do.

“This is helping people in a genuine way, and we don’t really care what the cost is,” he said. 

Keep up with the Meelypops Shop on Twitter and Instagram or check out their website!