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Episode 67: Jose Nieves & Miguel Cardona of Brio! Cold Brew

Brio! is more than just coffee, it is Jose & Miguel’s philosophy. To accomplish something with brio!, means to do it with passion, energy, and attention to detail, no matter how big or small the task may be. They have taken this same concept and crafted it into the form of farm-to-bottle cold brew coffee.

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Episode 66: Coach Enoch Nadler of Team Florida Track Club

From running in the woods behind the log cabin he grew up in, to running for UF, to qualifying for the 2016 Olympic trials, Coach Enoch Nadler is always ready to rise to the next challenge. Collin and this week’s co-host Lindsay Higgins discovered he funded some of his world travels by playing professional poker and picked his brain on marathon strategy. After settling down in Gainesville, he founded Team Florida Track Club and since then he’s been coaching runners of all different backgrounds and abilities.

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Episode 65: Jason Gonos & Alex Khokhlov of Power Production Management, Inc.

A hundred years ago solar power was just something from science fiction. Twenty years ago it was something frivolous that only the super wealthy could afford. Now, because of people like Jason Gonos and Alex Khokhlov, solar power is accessible to the average homeowner. In a time where non-renewable energy resources are diminishing by the moment, Jason and Alex have made it their mission to educate and provide their customers with sustainable and aesthetically pleasing renewable energy systems.

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