Alex Willis + Herb Jones!

This podcast episode we have special guests Alex Willis and Herb Jones!
Herb Jones is the Chief Marketing Officer at Fracture. Fracture creates a one-piece picture & frame made from printed glass, which they call a "Fracture". Alex Willis is the CEO of Leadership Surge, he is also a construction leadership coach, speaker and entrepreneur. We've brought these two together to meet with your favorite hosts Collin and Ty to show you why Gainesville is so great!


Herb Jones

While at UF, he started a e-commerce company with his friends which helped him learn about planning, operational management and strategy. Now he is the CMO of Fracture, which creates beautiful printed glass pictures. 

Alex Willis


Is a Gainesville entrepreneur who is the CEO of Leadership Surge. He works with middle managers to improve their leadership skill and to improve higher turnover rates and the lives in the field. Alex is also a great speaker and philanthropist who gives back to his community everyday.