Episode 64: Clint & Sheena Asbell of Haile Jewelry and Loans

When Sheena and Clint Asbell aren’t traveling the world, enjoying Parisian petit fours or swimming with swine in the Bahamas, they’re the faces of Haile Jewelry and Loans. Sheena likes to call her business a “pawn boutique,” selling primarily second-hand jewelry and designer handbags. 

After working for a pawn shop for a few years, Clint saw a need and an opportunity. Pawn shops don’t have a great reputation. Many people think of them as sketchy or a last resort, but Sheena and Clint were out to change that. By creating a friendly atmosphere with high-end products they were able to draw clientele that wouldn’t shop at a traditional pawn shop. With no experience running or owning a business, the two decided they would figure it out along the way and opened Haile Jewelry and Loans in 2009.

“Me and Sheena have no entrepreneurial background, so we still don't know what we're doing today. We've been faking it along the way,” Clint joked as he told Collin.

Using e-commerce and social media they’ve grown the business exponentially within the past ten years. Sheena fondly refers to Clint as an “Instawizard.” Not only does he create all the social media content for Haile Jewelry and Loans, but he has over 80,000 followers on his personal Instagram where he posts beautiful photos of their travels. 

On your personal social media accounts, it’s easy to track and measure growth, but it’s difficult to measure the success of social media marketing. Sheena and Clint don’t bother. They post the content that they like to see on their own timelines.

“We don't overanalyze anything. We come up with an idea, and we act on it,” Sheena said. “But really, that's what you have to do to be an entrepreneur.”

These spunky spouses don’t see retail expansion in their future, instead devoting all their time and energy to their one location and the customer relationships they’ve built. They love their job, they love their clients and they love Gainesville. If you want to check them out, visit their eBay store www.ebaystores.com/Haile-Jewelry-and-Loans or reach out on Instagram or Facebook.