Episode 65: Jason Gonos & Alex Khokhlov of Power Production Management, Inc.

A hundred years ago solar power was just something from science fiction. Twenty years ago it was something frivolous that only the super wealthy could afford. Now, because of people like Jason Gonos and Alex Khokhlov, solar power is accessible to the average homeowner. In a time where non-renewable energy resources are diminishing by the moment, Jason and Alex have made it their mission to educate and provide their customers with sustainable and aesthetically pleasing renewable energy systems. 

Power Production Management was born out of necessity. Jason and Alex went into business together working with contractors to get their panels on commercial and residential properties. They had some early success, making over $800,000 in sales in their first year. But after being taken advantage of by one too many contactors, the pair decided they needed their own license, thus the inception of Power Production Management in early 2009. 

As a country, we were still in the thick of the economic crisis of ‘08, and people weren’t so keen on “splurging” on solar energy. But they weren’t willing to fail. With engineering degrees from Santa Fe and UF, they could’ve easily fallen back on a cushy desk job, but they saw the potential in solar power and committed. 

“I had faith in the concept. I had faith in further development of the industry. I had faith in my business partner. There was no reason to quit,” Alex told Collin.

Alex and Jason’s relationship has been instrumental to the success of Power Production Management. Though they’re interests and personalities are wildly different, the make ideal business partners. What makes their partnership work despite their differences? They have a similar decision-making process. Rarely do they disagree when it comes down to what’s best for their business.

“I know that if Alex makes a decision it's in the best interest of the customer, of the company, of ourselves,” Jason said. 

In June, Power Production Managment opened a second location in Orlando, and as for further growth, they just want to get solar panels on as many properties as possible. As we move toward a more sustainable future, renewable energy will become the norm. People like Jason and Alex are leading us into an era of sustainability that will benefit the global community as well as the planet. Check out their services and projects on their website www.ppm.solar.