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Episode 63: Brandon & Lindsay Higgins of Legacy Events 119

Lindsay Higgins is a sprinkle donut in a world full of plain bagels, and Brandon Higgins is the cup of coffee that holds her down. Together they founded Legacy Events 119, a wedding entertainment and lighting company, bringing a new meaning to the word “wedding DJ.” Providing their services in both Florida and Georgia, these two are always moving, trying to provide the most personal experience possible for each and every one of their clients.

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Upcoming: Newell Fox, Newell Fox University

Newell Fox is a University of Florida Graduate with over 16 years of experience in entrepreneurship. He started out by founding a luxury retail business, but then discovered a passion for teaching students how to have successful interviews. Fox is now the President and CEO of Newell Fox University, a program designed to help students ace their interviews. The podcast will be out on Dec. 3.

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