WHOA GNV Podcast Inspires UF Grad to Move Back to Gainesville

The WHOA GNV Podcast is a weekly podcast produced in Gainesville highlighting local businesses and “Whoa!” moments. Our mission is to garner appreciation and retention for the city, that, for most college students at the University of Florida, use as a pitstop before moving onto other places.

As episode 12 made its rounds on all of its distribution sites, (Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, and Soundcloud) it’s host, Collin Austin, received a DM on Instagram from a UF Grad School Alumni who had moved to Dallas. Dr. Mike Bertulfo, a Certified Health Education Specialist, has decided to move back to Gainesville, and the WHOA GNV Podcast he says was a “main contributor” to his plan to come back and start a business.

We wish Mike the best of luck! And when he returns to Gainesville Collin is going to have him as a guest on the WHOA GNV Podcast.


This post got us hype for what's to come with this podcast! 

Are you #SIKED to see what happens next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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