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They are personally selected by Mike or myself. Because Mike and I have been active in the community for a long while, we have a network of people that we have worked and collaborated with. If we feel that a particular person would be perfect for the show, we will personally invite them. We are also very ‘in tune’ with those that are movers and shakers in the community (but strangers to us) as well and will often reach out directly to those people via direct message on social media.

They are personally referred to us by a previous podcast guest. We often ask our guests if they know of someone that would be perfect for our show and seek referrals from them! It’s all about relationships baby!

This nomination form. A lot of the time, the best guests are those that are recognized directly by the community! If you know someone that should be on our show, fill out the form below and tell us all about them!

Hey there! Collin here… I wanted to put a quick little message here to say THANK YOU for listening and being urged to nominate someone that you feel should be on our show. That’s freaking awesome! I’m amazed at the outreach and love we’ve received about this podcast and it inspires me to see how many people are invested in the success of our community! So thank you thank you thank you!

Mike and I are out to share the best stories. Stories that will inspire and provide A TON of value to our audience. Though we’ve had guests from all types of genres of life (artists, photographers, musicians, and more) our audience is primarily an entrepreneurial audience. With that said, ALL of the lessons, whether they are ‘business lessons’ or not, can apply to anyone’s everyday life. There is an intentional effort for a solid mix of guests: Sometimes one guest, sometimes two. Sometimes a start-up business, sometimes a serial entrepreneur of 50 years. Again… it’s all about the value we can bring through the lessons learned. Every nominated guest is researched and vetted by our team. We want to do everything that we can to ensure we are bringing a guest that is 100% “WHOA!”

Let’s change the world! This is the WHOA GNV Podcast… THE podcast bringing you businesses and individuals that make you go “WHOA!”

Much love,

IG: @collinaustin

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***Please note that you (or the nominee) might not get a response right away from us. We have received A TON of nomination forms and we have an entire crew of people dedicated to contacting guests, vetting them out, scheduling them, and doing everything we can to create the best show for the community. We are SO GRATEFUL for your patience, your love, your support, and for your investment into the community. ***

[P.S. We understand there are a lot of young companies, non-profits, etc. that would like exposure from our podcast, but please consider giving us some value instead of just extracting all of ours :) I pay attention to those that are telling everyone they know about our podcast, sharing it, engaging with us and helping us grow it!]